226ERS Caffeine High Energy Gel Cherry Flavour 76g (1 unit)

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The 226ERS High Energy Gel with cyclodextrin, natural aromas and a high carbohydrate content, 200 Kcal per gel unit. A cutting-edge carbohydrate that provides improved and more efficient glycogen replenishment. Each unit contains 160 mg of caffeine.

- Format: 1 unit of 76 grams
- Dosage & Usage: You can consume up to 2 units per hour during exercise with 300 ml water
- Ingredients: Water, maltodextrin (maltodextrin DE15, highly branched cyclic dextrin (cluster dextrin), maltodextrin DE6), corn glucose syrup, sucrose, natural flavouring, caffeine, acidity regulators (citric acid, sodium citrate), sodium chloride, gelling agents (gellan gum), preservatives (potassium sorbate).
Reference: 226-EG-076-CHE-1

Quick Overview

“Provides a prolonged, perfect energy release during and after exercise.”

Quick Overview

“Provides a prolonged, perfect energy release during and after exercise.”
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