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226ERS Chew Salts with a lemon flavour are a food supplement based on sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium with sweetener. They are chewable tablets of mineral salts, the perfect option to take in training and competitions. You do not need water to drink it because it is chewable and its lemon flavour is very tasty.
Its use is especially recommended during exercise both for the recharge of mineral salt deposits during sport and for the recovery of mineral salt levels after physical exercise.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Take 1 tablet every 30'-60 minutes. (Maximum 10 tablets per day).

INGREDIENTS Glucose syrup dehydrate powder (EMDEX), trisodium citrate dihydrate, corn maltodextrin, potassium citrate monohydrate, calcium gluconate, magnesium citrate anhydrous, lemon flavouring powder, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), anti-caking agent, (magnesium stearate), sweetener (sucralose).

Each tablet provides 200 mg of sodium, 12 mg of magnesium, 60 mg of potassium and 20 mg of calcium, are gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

Electrolytes are present in the blood as well as in other body fluids and their extra and intracellular balance is of vital importance to maintain our health and well-being, as they fulfill important functions:

- They regulate the amount of water present in the body
- They are essential for proper muscle function
- Regulates the pH of the blood
- They regulate the nervous functions of the body

When we practise sport we lose electrolytes, which are related to muscle function and a deficit of them can cause muscle weakness and fatigue, cramps, muscle spasms and even nausea.

Chew Salts provide sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium:
- Sodium: it is the mineral that is lost the most during sports practice through sweating, so its replacement is essential to avoid dehydration and its consequences.

- Magnesium: Helps reduce fatigue and tiredness. Magnesium contributes to normal energy metabolism and electrolyte balance, to the normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles.

- Potassium: Contributes to the normal functioning of muscles, the nervous system and the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

- Calcium: It contributes to the normal functioning of muscles and is necessary for the maintenance of normal bones.

For all these functions Chew Salts is essential for the replenishment of electrolytes in sports. Its tube format makes it easy to carry and as they are chewable they are ideal and easy to take during training and competitions.
Reference: 226-TB-CS-13-LE

Quick Overview

Avoid dehydration with 226ERS salts.

Quick Overview

Avoid dehydration with 226ERS salts.
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