226ERS Hydrazero Strawberry Flavour 225 g

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Hydrazero 226ERS is a drink made of mineral salts that are essential when exercising, since we must replace the lost electrolytes in order to perform well, not only in competitions but also in training. Each dose of HYDRAZERO contains 500 mg. of sodium which improves hydration and provides a better, more proportioned balance of body fluids. As it is a hypotonic drink, its osmolality is less than that of blood plasma something that intracellular hydration flavours. As well as this, using this type of drink reduces the risk of having an upset stomach. Its formula contains stevia which provides zero sugar, therefore allowing replenishment of lost electrolytes without adding calories. It contains no sugars. Does not contain gluten.
Reference: 226-PW-HZ-225-SW

Quick Overview

A drink made of mineral salts, essential when exercising.

Quick Overview

A drink made of mineral salts, essential when exercising.
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