226ERS Vegan Symbiotic Complex 60 caps

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The 226ERS Vegan Symbiotic Complex is a food supplement based on Butyrate (post-biotic), Probiotic Strains and Vitamins C and D. An athlete's intestine processes more nutrients than a non-athlete's. An unbalanced diet, or one that is poor in fiber, stress or infections can cause imbalances in our microbiota and alter digestive function, generating digestive discomfort, inflammation, fatigue or recurrent infections. Vegan Symbiotic Complex contributes to a proper functioning of the intestinal barrier, to reduce intestinal inflammation and to regulate the immune system through butyrate, its probiotic strains and vitamins C and D.

It is a gluten-free product, with no added sugars and suitable for vegans. Perfect for anyone who wants to take care of their intestinal health and improve the function of their immune system, whether you practice sports or not, since the beneficial bacteria in the body can be affected by diet, taking antibiotics, emotional or physical stress, or environmental changes.

Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid (SCFA), these fatty acids are used by the cells of the intestine (enterocytes) as an energy substrate to maintain their integrity and functionality. To obtain butyrate naturally, it is necessary for our intestinal microbiota to ferment the dietary fiber that we cannot digest, and as a result of this fermentation, butyrate is produced. Different events like: Unbalanced or nonfiber diet, taking antibiotics, emotional or physical stress. They can trigger an imbalance in our microbiota (dysbiosis) reducing the production of butyrate and the functionality of our intestinal barrier generating: inflammation, poor digestion, increased intestinal permeability and immune disorders.

- Mode of use: Take 2 capsules at breakfast to take advantage of the fibre ingested in the assimilation of the product
- Net weight 60 caps: 39.6 g
- Type of packaging: White pillbox 100 cc
- Transport conditions: Avoid placing the product on the ground, near a source of heat, moisture or direct sunlight
- Conservation of the product: Keep well closed in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children
- Lifetime: 3 years from date of manufacture
Reference: 226-CP-SC-060-NT

Quick Overview

It is a gluten-free product, with no added sugars and suitable for vegans.

Quick Overview

It is a gluten-free product, with no added sugars and suitable for vegans.
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