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Adidas Ultraboost shoes multicolor black

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The adidas Ultraboost shoes feature the revolutionary midsole Boost technology, which provides an endless energy return at every step and great cushioning. In addition, thanks to the Primeknit instep, the perfect fit is maintained.

- S-curve heel that works together with Boost technology to fit all foot types
- Unique toothed heel design that prevents irritation
- Elastic mesh in the heel that helps to enter the foot with the tongue, providing a dynamic support and a greater adjustment
- Height heel / toe: 30.5 mm / 20.5 mm
- Weight: 310 g / 10.9 oz

- Primeknit
The instep system keeps the foot in place, reducing irritation and increasing ventilation.

- Torsion System
System that helps the integration of the middle part of the foot for a smoother transition. It also provides greater stability and flexibility in this area.

- Boost
This system provides an endless energy return thanks to the thousands of small capsules that release a great impulse to each stride, thus improving the elastic cushioning. It has been manufactured with a material much more resistant to changes in temperature to be able to perform exercise in any climate and consistently.

- Continental
Continental rubber sole that provides optimal grip in wet conditions and excellent wear resistance.
Reference: AD-CM8110
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Quick Overview
"The Ultraboost offers a neutral tread with the aim of increasing comfort and speed."
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Adidas Ultraboost shoes multicolor black
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