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Everyone recognizes Airex mattresses with the typical horizontal stripes that are used in therapeutic and sports environments.
Airex has developed the innovative closed cell foam that it uses in its mats to meet the demands of high quality materials that exist in fields such as fitness, integral training or rehabilitation, fields in the Airex is the market leader. Airex has the valuable support of doctors, physiotherapists, fitness specialists, high-performance athletes and sports and leisure organizations.
Airex mattresses have excellent cushioning characteristics, providing softness at the same time as safety, and are suitable for all ages and movement requirements and are used in schools and sports clubs, as well as in classes for women, exercise for seniors and gymnastics in general. The value for kindergartens and for game stays in private homes resides in the double function of the mats : they are effective to dissipate large doses of energy on them as well as to relax with maximum comfort.
Airex mattresses are durable and contribute to safety in movement in both sports and leisure activities. Other added factors of Airex products are the ecological and economic advantages that result from the long life of the product, with the environmental respect that implies.

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