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The Alé R-EV1 Hammer bib shorts are a high performance garment that offers optimal lightness and breathability. The lower legs without a hem allow the cyclist to have no feeling of constriction but still maintain the fit, while the use of breathable fabric with 38% Lycra Air Cell ensures fast drying without compromising UV protection. Include the 8 HF chamois.

8 HF chamois: Made of microfiber with Memory Foam. Strategic position at the contact points. In the perineal and ischiatic area, the maximum density padding is calibrated and breathable on all covered points, and ensures utmost protection against shocks on the road. The central relief channel was developed to protect the nerve endings for improved support, also on longer distances. The lateral wings are flexible and follow the woman's body movements while pedalling, adapting to the cyclist's anatomy for the highest comfort.

- Breathable, lightweight, close-fitting fabrics
- UV protection: UPF 50+
- 8 HF chamois
- Bonded Technology, which increases comfort thanks to flat seams
- Body Mapping
- Bonded Technology, which provides greater comfort thanks to the flat-seam system
- CS Stability System, hypoallergenic silicone insert for improved fit
- Wash bag included
- Temperature range: 18º / 30ºC
- Weight: 170 g

- Lycra Air Cell
This highly technical and comfortable fabric dries quickly, facilitating the dispersion of moisture to the outside. The 'rice grain' structure creates slots in the fabric that encourage air flow and ventilation.

- CS Stability System
It is a hot application of hypoallergenic silicone inserted into the lower leg to allow the shorts to adapt to different muscles. In addition to adapting to different physical conformations, this system works during sports practice by reducing the compression effect of the elastic on the lower leg.

- Body Mapping
System that studies the functionality of the garment, the position of the fabrics is selected taking into account ventilation, breathability and protection.

- Bonded technology
It allows to assemble a garment without using the traditional seams: the fabrics are glued together by means of a special tape that does not affect the elasticity of the fabrics but rather reinforces their resistance. It also improves the comfort of the garment because it stops any rubbing caused by the seams. The 'bonding technology' guarantees a technical and fashionable effect, together with absolute comfort and resistance, similar or superior to that of an ordinary seam.
Reference: ALE-L21077401

Quick Overview

The Hammer is one of the most advanced bibs in Alé's R-EV1 range, with great performance for riding on hot days.

Quick Overview

The Hammer is one of the most advanced bibs in Alé's R-EV1 range, with great performance for riding on hot days.
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