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Alpina Grand Helmet Matte White

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The Alpina Grand helmet has a modern design with aggressive lines that combines with the maximum possible protection during skiing. InMold technology, with Edge Protect side impact protection underneath, makes it a lightweight yet extremely impact resistant and safe helmet. The Ceramic Shell coating is resistant to breakage, scratches and ultraviolet radiation, and is antistatic. It is easily adjustable thanks to the Run System Classic, which makes it easy to keep the helmet in place, as well as the Ergomatic and Y-Clip systems. It incorporates the AirStream Control airflow regulation system and its interior is removable for washing.

- InMold technology with Edge Protect coating for improved security
- Ceramic Shell
- Hi-EPS inner shell for shock absorption
- Removable interior for washing
- Alpina's proven fit for optimal fit
- Run System with infinitely variable height for optimal adjustment
- AirStream Control system to regulate the air flow

- InMold
Alpina's Inmold ski helmets are very light and extremely resistant. This is achieved through a production process in which the top of the polycarbonate shell is fused with the high-expansion polystyrene granulate under a high degree of heat and pressure. The result is an inseparable bond between the upper and lower layers over a large area.

- Hi-EPS
The inner shell of all Alpina helmets is made of Hi-EPS (high expansion polystyrene). The material has microscopic-sized air chambers, which absorb the forces that act when the helmet is impacted. Hi-EPS ensures an optimal protective effect and allows for extra thin wall thicknesses and reduced hull thickness.

- Ceramic Shell
All Alpina helmets manufactured by the injection moulding method incorporate a robust Ceramic Shell. In the injection moulding process, intense heat is applied to a polycarbonate plate to expand it, adapting it to the shape of the future helmet, and it is pressed onto the Hi-EPS body applying a lot of pressure, which makes it bond to the case by thermal effect. The Ceramic Shell stands out for several qualities: it is resistant to breakage, scratches and ultraviolet radiation, and it is antistatic.

- Y-Clip
A helmet can only provide the best possible protection if it is kept in an optimal position when an impact occurs; to this end, the fit and fastening of the two straps located under the ear play a decisive role. The Y-Clip system ensures millimetre-accurate fitting in a matter of seconds.

- Ergomatic
Tested hundreds of thousands of times and present in all Alpina helmets: red button buckle and multilevel automatic locking system. Ergomatic can be operated with one hand - the strap can be loosened when ascending and tightened when descending - and, in the event of a fall, it is impossible for the locking mechanism to open by itself.

- Run System Classic
The Run system allows to adapt the size of all Alpina's helmets in a personalized way by means of a rotating wheel, which is easily accessible. The Run Classic system stands out for its value for money; it is a simple and robust fitting wheel, which keeps the case on your head safely and without complications.

- AirStream Control
The AirStream Control system allows you to open and close air holes located on the top of the helmet, so that the airflow can be regulated and adapted to the weather conditions, thus ensuring that the interior of the helmet has perfect environmental conditions at all times.
Reference: AN-A9226212-C

Quick Overview

A modern, comfortable and safe ski helmet made by Alpina.

Quick Overview

A modern, comfortable and safe ski helmet made by Alpina.
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