The Amix Performance nutritional supplements have been developed exclusively by and for endurance sports, especially for all those athletes who seek quality and efficiency in their sporting life.

Amix has been working on this project for more than two years, taking care of even the smallest detail to create unique products that have been formulated using the best raw materials in the world together with the most advanced technology to create Amix Performance, which has a clear mission , satisfy the most demanding sportsman making him move forward enjoying the sport in its pure state.

Unlike any supplement, Amix Performance is a range of products perfectly studied and formulated to alleviate the demand for nutrients in athletes with high physical and caloric wear.

The company Large Life, owner of Amix, was founded in 2003 in Manchester, United Kingdom, as a firm that produces products for athletes of the highest physical demand, based on quality as the main virtue. After having been deeply researching new products, the company and its main brand Amix Nutrition, has conquered the attention of the most demanding consumers in Europe.

Amix Nutrition is distinguished by its continuous research and by using the best ingredients and raw materials of the highest quality as well as by using the latest and most advanced technologies.

The search for perfection as well as the use of the most advanced and innovative scientific techniques have managed to consolidate the brand.

The innovative and futuristic design of Amix Nutrition products helps to distinguish your products from the rest. Amix Nutrition is focused on both men and women athletes, fitness fans and bodybuilding professionals or simply those who practice any sport for pleasure as it is shown that it helps them achieve their goals. It is the first quality performance in synergy with the delicate flavor and its excellent functioning which has led consumers to choose Amix Nutrition unconditionally.

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Amix Whey Pure Fusion strawberry flavor (1kg)
quality 100%
Fabolous taste
Raimondas, the 10 April 2019
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