Aqua Lung Seaflare Flashlight

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The Aqua Lung Seaflare allows you to reveal the colours of the depths in an effective and practical way. Even at shallow depths and day diving, the water filters out the warm colours and the underwater landscape can often look just blue or green, so it will be useful to have your torch within reach and see the true colours and tones. During night diving, it allows you to see and be seen by other divers in the dark thanks to the color deflectors. The coloured baffles are made of silicone and glow in the dark. They are also collapsible and help reduce light pollution so you can concentrate on the seascape without shining light on your companions. The Seaflare is the perfect combination of size and power, equipped with 1300 lumen LEDs.

- IPX8 waterproof up to 150m depth
- Anodized finish and a hardened glass lens to protect the flashlight from corrosion, abrasion and scratching
- Large titanium ON/OFF button for easy and durable operation and quick mode change (3 intensity levels)
1,300 lumens
- Battery Life: 3 hours in high mode, 4 hours in medium mode, 10 hours in low mode
- Constant light thanks to power supply dimming system
- 4 interchangeable silicone and colored glow-in-the-dark baffles
- Corrosion-free spring-loaded lanyard for optimal grip on the flashlight with or without gloves
- Can be used both underwater and on land as a standard torch thanks to its electronic temperature regulation system
- High-end safe batteries to protect it from overheating risks
- Reverse polarity protection to keep the dive light working even if the battery has been accidentally discharged or installed incorrectly
- USB charger with digital display to monitor charging progress, amperage power and percentage level
- Replacement O-rings included
Reference: AQL-HG1350115

Quick Overview

The Aqua Lung Seaflare is designed to provide safety and high visibility of the seascape.

Quick Overview

The Aqua Lung Seaflare is designed to provide safety and high visibility of the seascape.
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