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Aquaman Bionik 2020 Neoprene Wetsuit Black Red

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The Aquaman Bionik 2020 wetsuit is made by combining the use of Yamamoto 39 neoprene with the most elastic and flexible on the market: the Yamamoto Giga 40 neoprene. The incredible flexibility and great buoyancy of this neoprene undoubtedly improves your experience on the water with an unbeatable degree of comfort. The new Bionik also brings the latest technical advances in the manufacture of neoprene for swimmers and/or triathletes. Following a classic design, this suit incorporates textile inside to facilitate its placement, while the outside is covered with Yamamoto 39, which has been treated with SCS. The shoulders are extremely flexible and allow for an excellent range of motion.
It also incorporates Friction Free Collar and Flash System technology, which help reduce friction in sensitive areas such as the neck. The forearms incorporate the 'Aero Design Propeller' technology providing a remarkable improvement in the stroke. For greater balance, this suit incorporates Hips Roll Control technology: rubber panels on the hips that aid in buoyancy.

- Flexible shoulders
- Exterior coated with Yamamoto 39 treated with SCS
- The neck, shoulders and arms are Yamamoto Giga 40
- Neoprene thickness on sleeves and shoulders: 1.5– 2 mm
- Neoprene thickness on the outer shoulder: 3– 3.5 mm
- Neoprene thickness on chest and legs: 4.5– 5 mm

- Flash System
It has two purposes. The first is the quick opening of the suit thanks to the zipper slider that allows you to undo it very quickly and get out of the suit in a matter of seconds. The second purpose is to offer complete neck protection because the Velcro is covered over by a flap at the top.

- Lower Collar Design
Low-cut collar that provides maximum comfort and avoids the feeling of pressure on the neck.

- Flexor
It has panels in the area behind the knee. They are panels made of a slightly thinner neoprene (2.5mm), which facilitates the movement of the leg when giving the crawl kick, and helps you when running on the beach, whilst going for your goal or in the transition area to take a bike. These panels are designed to release pressure on the lower back and knees during swimming.

*This item cannot be returned for size change, unless faulty.
Reference: AQ-23203110-C

Quick Overview

It provides comfort, reduces water resistance, improves the body's balance during swimming and it is quick and easy to remove.

Quick Overview

It provides comfort, reduces water resistance, improves the body's balance during swimming and it is quick and easy to remove.
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