Arena Powerskin Carbon-Pro Competition Shoe MK2 dark gray woman

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Powerskin Carbon-Pro MK2 Arena swimwear for women with open back approved by FINA.

- Intelligent compression: strong and resistant carbon fibers combined with highly elastic elastomer yarns, in a woven construction to create a blocking effect. These fibers are blocked when a critical level of elasticity is reached, in a manner similar to how a car's safety belt acts when the vehicle is hit. In a swimsuit, blocking carbon fibers maximizes compression in very stretched areas, increasing support and control where and when you need them most. At the same time, the elastic fabric remains comfortable, without compromising the swimmer's mobility.
- Recovery of energy: the tight and elastic tape, located at strategic points in the inner area of ??the legs and the muscles of the buttocks, will give you a greater power thanks to its action of bounce in each dive, kick and return under Water. The tape is stretched with each push, helping you get more fluidity in the water every time you start doing a long, maintaining its optimal fit and great freedom of movement at all times. The tapes will even help you stretch and warm up before the race so you can save your strength for when you need it most: during the competition.
- Improved surface integrity: the Carbon-Pro high-performance fabric, reinforced with carbon fiber, offers an optimal ratio between strength and weight to obtain a fusion between speed and power. The fantastic resistance of this fabric translates into a stronger swimsuit, with less chance of it breaking or being damaged, due for example to extreme stretches while you wear the swimsuit. The conservation of the integrity of the surface of the swimsuit maximizes the reduction of the resistance and optimizes the water repellency.

Composition: 52% Nylon, 47% Elastane, 1% Carbon Fiber.
Reference: AR-086178-052

Quick Overview

“The Powerskin Carbon-Pro MK2 Arena swim suit is one of the high-end competition models offered by this brand.”

Quick Overview

“The Powerskin Carbon-Pro MK2 Arena swim suit is one of the high-end competition models offered by this brand.”
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