Cycling Arm Warmers

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Do you want to know more about arm sleeves?

Arm sleeves are a cycling clothing accessory and are designed to protect arm muscles and joints.

The use of these garments is ideal for both very cold or conversely very hot periods. Being long-sleeved accessories, they prevent air from getting in and heat from getting out, protect the cyclist from UV radiation produced by the sun and help keep their skin dry. As with the leg warmers, it is advisable to remove these garments once the body has reached the desired temperature and generated enough heat, since over-use can cause suffocation and dehydration sensations.

Their ergonomic cut allows greater support of the key muscle groups of the arm, biceps, triceps and forearm, and its highly elastic fabrics and materials help to control body temperature and keep the skin away from moisture even in the harshest situations.

When choosing arm sleeves it is important to take into account the size of your arms, to prevent the garment from slipping, and the level of compression. Arm sleeves with a very high level of compression can impede blood circulation, causing friction between the muscles whereas a very low compression will not affect the circulation at all and, therefore, the benefits will be lost. Ideally, the arm sleeves should have a correct pressure, neither too high nor too weak, to improve blood circulation and adequately distribute oxygen to the muscles.

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