Asolo was founded in 1980, with the mission of creating outdoor footwear to meet all kinds of needs, in all climatic conditions: from lighter hiking, to mountaineering or the most demanding climbing.

The Asolo footwear has been designed around three basic pillars: flexibility, lightness and, at the same time, resistance. Fit and performance are their greatest strengths. Their breathable footwear is able to absorb all kinds of impacts, even on the most rugged terrain, while keeping humidity, water and cold at bay. High-technology soles prevent slippage and falls on slippery terrain.

Asolo footwear knows no limits and has conquered the most important peaks of the world in collaboration with professional athletes that promote and export the benefits of the brand internationally.

Opinions featured in Asolo

Asolo Piz GV GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Yellow Red
Great for crampons
Most comfortable boot I have had in a long time
Asolo Apex GV GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes Dark Grey Light Grey Orange
Excellent walking shoe
Very comfortable, sizing accurate, appears well made.
Asolo Finder GV GORE-TEX Boots Grey Dark Green
Best line of hiking boots I have used. Durable!!
I have worn many brands that are good boots but simply do not hold up like Asolo. Would highly recommend serious hikers to try them.
Asolo Finder GV GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Dark Grey
Rolls Royce of walking boots
Great fit and so comfortable! can’t feel any hard surfaces underfoot! been on a few longer walks now and have broken in nicely, no problems with blisters or sore feet at all
Asolo Nucleon GV GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes Dark Grey Blue White Women
Good quality
I bought these on recommendation from my friend also the fact they are waterproof and lightweight.
Asolo Finder GV GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Dark Grey
Very light!
I usually wear the heavier Asolos, but they were out of stock. These are much lighter and very comfortable!
Asolo Falcon GV GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Dark Grey
Great hiking boots
Looks of this shoe bought me over. They are also relativly light for what they are. Since I've gotten them I have gone on two 5km walks on gravel (one dry, one in rain) and one 10km hike with various terrain (soil, rocks, tree roots). Sole of the shoe is exellent, it grips very well even if your conntact surface is small. Nothing got stuck between the lugs except little rocks here and there while walking on asphalt. Shoe stayed dry in rain but felt a little damp after so remember to air them out after long walks. In the begging of the hike shoe felt really comfortable but keep in mind that it has GoreTex lining so if it is above 20°C your feet will sweat after half an hour. I got some heel blisters but I will invest in some good socks next time. Stock insoles seem ok, just don't have a lot of cusioning. Shoe gives you medium anckle support and that was just what I needed. Lacing can be better as it doesn't really stay thigt while lacing. Getting in and out of shoe feels really nice as the materials you contact are soft and smooth to touch. Toe protection is very good also. As far as sizing goes, I meassured my feet at 28cm so I bought size 44 1/2 EU (10UK) which is 29cm (Mondo Point) for Asolo shoes. Fits realy good. Don't go for anything less than 1cm longer than your feet. At least regarding Asolo products. Price was 123€+15€ DHL tracked shipping that arrived very quickly even a day earlier than predicted.
Asolo Finder GV GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Dark Grey
Liked the shoes
Quality is good. Shoes are comfortable. I would have ordered wide instead of medium. I might change the soles for orthopedic ones.
Asolo Magnum GV GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Grey Orange
Light and comfy
Nicely built and true to size.
Asolo 6B+ GV Hiking Boots Black Green
Asolo 6gtx Mountain boots
Excellent quality boots from Asolo. Very lightweight and C3 compatible so I'm a very happy boy. Light enough to wear for mountsineering routes and summer climbing days
Asolo Drifter GV EVO GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Grey Red
Super tough
Seem pretty sweet. Really protect your foot.
Asolo Finder GV GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Grey Blue Women
Fit great. Exactly like my last ones
Perfect. Very comfortable. Recommend them.
Asolo Elbrus GV Hiking Boots Blue Red
Asolo Elbrus GV GTX blue
Great price amazing product star of my purchase. Great fit.

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