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Assos Fastlane Rock Short Sleeve Jersey Black Red White

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The Assos Fastlane Rock short sleeve jersey offers extraordinary graphics that are also present in the proven design of short sleeve garments. Whether it's for training routes or competition during hot weather, the Rock model won't let you down. For its preparation, it uses the super-light Hill fabric and the new 'push-pull' Light effect fabric, which stand out for their breathability, light weight and exceptional comfort. Hem-less sleeve design, which favours an almost imperceptible transition between the jersey and the upper arms, as well as the triple back pocket system to store your personal items, and the regularFit cut, ideal for maximum comfort throughout the day on the bike.

- Use: Road
- Type.105 Hill fabric: This is a super-lightweight knitted fabric with an open circular structure to increase breathability and comfort in the chest and abdomen area. It also offers solar protection (SPF 15) and odorControl
- Push-pull' Light effect fabric: the sleeves are made of our push-pull' Light effect warp knit fabric which offers high sun protection (SPF 50+). It also offers high breathability, comfort and quick drying thanks to the fine knit material with bi-stretch elasticity
- Stabilizator V7 fabric: perfect for creating a cooling panel on the back of the jersey, this textile material is featherweight but highly resistant, as it favours the stability and adaptation of the garment, as well as offering SPF 30 sun protection, despite its low weight and volume
- Hem-less Sleeves: this type of design promotes an almost seamless transition between the fabric and the skin, thus providing greater comfort and proper support with less pressure
- Triple back pocket: a system with three pockets with textile flaps that are optimally located for easy access without risking the security and stability of your belongings.
- Full length zip: this is a thin zip located in the central part so that it can be personally adjusted according to body temperature and physical exercise
- RegularFit: a design with an anatomical shape that's less aggressive than the Racing Fit, where speed and comfort meet in a unique design

The Assos garments feature a specific cut which has been designed with your position on the bicycle in mind. Some Assos garments have been specially designed for users of athletic build. Assos garments have an anatomical fit, based on the AEPD system (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design), therefore Assos has designed their garments the cyclist's protection and adaptation in mind, but without overdoing on pressure points. The best way to feel Assos' anatomical precision is by wearing their garments and getting yourself in position on your bicycle. You will feel how the clothes adapt perfectly to your cycling posture. Obviously, Assos does not design clothing to be comfortable off the bike, this is a normal feeling among customers.
Purchasing the wrong size (too large or too small) will cause discomfort. A garment that is too large may cause irritation and discomfort due to folds or surpluses of the fabric, since in this case Assos' personal ALS sizing system would not work perfectly. If the garment is too small, the points of union and seams will stretch excessively, resulting in an increase in pressure and discomfort.
Suggestions for use:
- Never pull on seams when putting on or taking off Assos garments
- Before getting on the bicycle, properly put on your clothes, especially the seat pad and other pressure points, without forcing the seams or points of union
- Assos bib shorts are designed for cycling. This means the bib straps can be over stretched when standing up, on your bike this excessive pressure disappears, if this is not the case review your sizing
- Avoid over stretching the bib shorts when peeing (for men). It's best to do this by pulling the garment from the belly and the straps, always leaning forward to reduce tension on the seams
- Avoid cycling near branches and bushes, this will undoubtedly spoil your clothes

Washing advice:
- Each time you wash your Assos garments try to do so separately from the rest of your clothes, this way you will avoid friction with other fabrics and preserve the properties of your Assos garments
- Always separate dark clothes from whites
- Before each wash, turn the clothes inside out
- Assos clothes can be washed in the washing machine, but you must always use the protective bag and a washing program for delicate clothes (maximum 30C)
- Do not use fabric softeners or aggressive products. Always use liquid and neutral soaps (example, Assos Active Wear Cleaner)
- Do not stretch or squeeze Assos garments even to extract excess water
- Never use a tumble dryer with Assos garments. Let your clothes air dry, in a place not exposed to the sun

- After each outing store your Assos garments in a well ventilated place, although it would be ideal to wash them immediately after getting off your bike
- Do not dry or store clothes in full sun
- Never store the garments in a humid and enclosed place (avoid plastic bags, sports bags, etc.)
- If you tend to sweat a lot, it is recommended that you rinse the garment in cold water after each use. This will protect the fabrics from bacteria that could damage them
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Quick Overview

The main protagonist of the Rock jersey are its geometric structures to create the A-shaped design of Assos. This is a pattern that the designers wanted to highlight in this limited edition ultra-light jersey, along with its striking colours.

Quick Overview

The main protagonist of the Rock jersey are its geometric structures to create the A-shaped design of Assos. This is a pattern that the designers wanted to highlight in this limited edition ultra-light jersey, along with its striking colours.
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