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The Assos Mille GT short sleeve jersey has been designed to work seamlessly with any other product in this category. While it is designed primarily for the hottest days of the year, it can also be used on colder days. 

- Fully elastic, breathable, circular knitted striped fabric formulated as a lightweight knit with high levels of ventilation.
- Offers UPF35 protection, very high levels of comfort and odour control
- Fit: regularFit: less aggressive than racingFit but more suitable than comfortFit
- Balance between comfort and compression
- Triple ramp' concept pockets: new pocket design with optimum height for easy access. Prevents anything from escaping while driving hard. 

The Assos Bibshorts of the Campionissimo line is the evolution of the NeoPro model, with a wider waist cut and greater comfort. This ass is intended for competitions in the hottest months. 

- Model: T. milleShorts_S7
- Season: Summer ClimateRang 1. 4 Shasha
- Materials: 74% Polyamide, 18% Elastane, 8% Polyester
- Use: Road, MTB, daily training and competition
- New model ComfortFit
- Line: Campionissimo

As with all Assos bibshorts, the difference lies in the interior and the new Mille_S7 insert chamois offers unique qualities.

Chamois Features:
- Elastic padding fabric
- Form memory: Regain the position at the moment that no pressure is exerted
-Golden Gate: This technique eliminates the seams between the legs to reduce friction and increase freedom of movement in the most sensitive area of rotation.
- Lesser genital pressure
- Side wings to improve comfort

The cut of Assos products have been designed from the position on the bicycle. Some Assos clothes have been specially designed for users of athletic build. The Assos cuts are anatomical, depending on the system A.E.P.D (Advanced Design of Ergonomic Model), therefore Assos has designed their clothes thinking about the protection and adaptation to the cyclist but without exceeding the pressure points for the cyclist. The best way to feel the anatomical precision of Assos is to dress with your clothes and position yourself on the bike; you'll feel how the clothes adapt perfectly to the cyclist posture. Obviously, Assos does not make nice outfits to wear off the bike, this is a normal feeling among the customers.
The purchase of a wrong size (too large or too small) will lead to customer comfort problems. An item that is too large could cause irritations and discomfort caused by folds or surpluses of the fabric, since in this case the ALS system of the Assos size would not work perfectly. In case the item is too small, it would excessively stretch the points of union and seams, which would result in an increase in pressure and discomfort.

Usage tips:
- Never pull on seams when putting on or taking off Assos clothes
- Before getting on the bicycle, place the clothes correctly, especially the chamois and other pressure points, without forcing the seams or joints
- The Assos bibshorts have been designed to ride a bicycle. That is why the suspenders can pull excessively if we are standing, on the bicycle the excessive pressure disappears, if not, check your sizing - Avoid excessively stretching the bib during urination (for men).
It is better to perform this action by stretching the product from the belly part and the straps, always leaning forward to reduce the tension in the seams
- Avoid riding near branches and bushes, that will undoubtedly spoil your clothes

Washing advice:
- Each time you wash Assos products try to do it separately from the rest of the laundry, this way you will avoid friction with other fabrics and preserve the properties of Assos clothes
- Always separate dark clothes from white
- Before each wash, turn the clothes inside out
- Assos clothes can be washed in the washing machine, but always use the protective bag and a washing program for delicate clothes (maximum 30C)
- Do not use fabric softeners or aggressive products. Always use liquid and neutral soaps (example, Assos Active Wear Cleaner)
- Do not stretch or squeeze Assos clothes even to extract excess water
- Never use a dryer with Assos clothes. Let your clothes dry in the air, in a place not exposed to the sun

- After each trip, store the Assos products in a well-ventilated place, although it would be ideal to wash them immediately after your ride
- Do not dry or store clothes in the sun
- Never store your clothes in a humid and closed place (avoid plastic bags, sports bags, etc.)
- If you tend to sweat a lot, it is recommended that you rinse the item in cold water after each trip. This will protect the fibers from bacteria that could damage the fabric.

Quick Overview

With this Assos kit you will achieve all your goals.

Quick Overview

With this Assos kit you will achieve all your goals.
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