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Assos Equipe RS S9 Bib Shorts Black Green

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The Assos Equipe RS Bibshorts S9 use the A-Lock Engineering system, a new bracing system composed of exclusive textiles combined with advanced technologies that stabilise the shorts and secure the pad in its place. The S9 generation are constructed with only two panels, with a main panel with a butterfly pattern designed with soft fabrics that cover the legs and come together in the back to create a new ergonomic construction known as ergoBox. This design effectively frames the pad, keeping it in its place, boxing it in for maximum comfort in your legs with the Type.441 fabric, created specifically to provide suitable support and smooth comfort. The rollBar system has also been added, mimicking the anti-roll bar of racing cars through the bib straps to keep the seat pad in place while your weight moves from left to right on turns. Each strap is stitched to the fabric directly above the seat pad, to ensure it is in constant tension.

- Season: Summer
- Use: Road, long distance
- Composition: 80% PA / 20% EA
- The straps are made of a more flexible material in the front with an antibacterial carbon fabric to absorb moisture and prevent them from twisting.

As with all Assos bib shorts the difference is on the inside and the new S9 insert seat pad offers unique qualities engineered for long distances.

Pad features:
- S9 Basalt: upper part constructed from antibacterial microfibre coating in grey 3D basalt. This represents a homage to the volcanic rock that gives Assos power, stability and courage.
- Horizontal stabiliser: patented central stitching that locks the seat pad to the outer textile, preventing it from moving when pedalling without your bottom on the saddle.
- kraterCooler: a system of small ventilation holes at the front of the pad to increase airflow, keeping the most sensitive parts of your body cool.
- Smaller design: compared to the previous Equipe Evo design, this pad has a reduced volume, to save weight.
- superAir microShock foam: a lightweight open cell foam with a shock absorbing composition returns to its original position and fills the gap every time pedalling position is changed through the shift of weight.
- 3D cushioning system: a patented, three-layer perforated foam increases breathability and reduces excess weight.
- GoldenGate technology: patented technology that does away with stitching along both sides of the panels of the pad to offer maximum three-dimensional freedom of movement in the most sensitive of rotational areas.

The Assos garment cut is designed to stay in place while you're on your bike. Some Assos garments have been specifically designed for those with an athletic shape. The Assos fits are anatomical, as per the AEPD system (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design), so Assos has designed its clothing thinking about the protection and adaptation to a cyclist without exceeding pressure points. The best way to feel the anatomical precision of Assos is to put on their clothes and get into position on a bike; you will feel like the clothes are perfectly suited to the riding position. Obviously, Assos doesn't made nice outfits to wear off-bike, this is a common opinion among customers.
Buying the wrong size (too big or too small) will cause problems in the customer's comfort. An item that is too big can cause irritations and discomfort from folds or surplus fabric, as this would stop the Assos ALS sizing system from working properly. With an item that is too small, we put excessive strain on the joins and seams, which increases pressure and discomfort.

Advice for use:
- Don't pull seams when you put on or take off Assos clothes
- Before getting onto your bike, put clothing on properly, especially bands and other pressure points, without forcing seams or joins.
- The Assos bibtights are designed for bike riding That means that the straps can be pulled too much when we stand up, when you get on the bike, the pressure should disappear, if not, then you need a different size
- Don't pull the bibtights too much when you use the toilet (for men). For this, it's better to pull the garment from the stomach area and straps, always leaning forward to reduce tension on the seams
- Avoid cycling near branches and bushes, as this is likely to break the clothing

Washing advice:
Every time you wash Assos garments, try to do this separately from other garments, this way you can avoid friction and preserve the properties of the Assos clothing
- Always separate lights and darks
- Before each wash, turn clothing inside out
- Assos clothing can be machine-washed, but always use a protective bag or delicate wash programme (maximum 30 degrees)
- Don't use fabric conditioner or aggressive products Always use neutral liquid soaps (Assos Active Wear Cleaner, for example)
- Don't stretch or squeeze Assos garments to extract excess water
- Don't use any kind of dryer on Assos clothes Leave your clothes to air dry, in a place that's sheltered from the sun

- After every use, store the Assos garment in a well-ventilated place, although it would be ideal to wash it straight after your bike ride
- Don't dry or keep your item in direct sunlight
- Never leave garments in damp, closed places (avoid plastic bags, sports bags etc.)
- If you usually sweat a lot, you should rinse the garment in cold water after each bike ride This will protect the material from bacteria that could damage it
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Quick Overview

These bib shorts represent the future in racing comfort, with a new design, created from scratch.

Quick Overview

These bib shorts represent the future in racing comfort, with a new design, created from scratch.
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