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Do you want to know more about cycling backpacks?

Backpacks are an essential accessory if you want to be well equipped and prepared to face any situation.

They must not hinder the cyclist or prevent them from effectively taking part in this sport. Therefore, we recommend the purchase of light and not very large backpacks, with enough depth to carry everything necessary and, above all, with the necessary capacity to carry enough litres of water and avoid possible dehydration.

The ideal measurements are: - Height: between 45 and 50 cm. - Depth: between 20 and 30 cm. - Weight: no more than 1 kg. - Capacity: between 20 and 25 litres

There are different models of cycling backpacks, with different shapes, sizes and capacities, designed to meet the different needs and situations of the cyclist. So, when choosing a backpack you must take into account what you will be using it for and what you want to carry, in order to determine the most suitable model.

Opinions featured in Cycling Backpacks & Bags

Brooks England Hackney backpack dark red
good quality
this is a very good backpack. My second one in use.
Basil City 14 - 16L Shopper Bag Grey
Perfect bag
Great size and quality. Only drawback is that I wish it had an inside zip pocket.

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