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Do you want to know more about running backpacks?

Running backpacks are an important accessory for runners, if they want to carry several accessories to use during the route.

In general, there are two types of running backpacks:

- Traditional backpacks are very useful for short distances. They usually have several sections and pockets to allow you to carry the necessary accessories, such as gloves, sleeves, sunglasses or a flashlight. - Hydration backpacks have a built in hydration system inside for medium or long distance races and routes that require constant hydration. These backpacks make running much more comfortable, since they avoid the need to have to stop to drink water or other liquids, such as isotonic drinks.

When choosing a backpack for running you must take into account, above all, the size of the backpack. It is very important that the backpack is lightweight so that it does not bother you while running. Another relevant factor is the storage capacity. It must have compartments specially designed for water bottles. Hydration is very important in this type of sport and you cannot go running without carrying at least two bottles of water, or other liquid. Finally, you should look at whether the backpack has an ergonomic fit to ensure that it fits to your back and will not move.

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