Triathlon Backpacks & Bags

Do you want to know more about backpacks and triathlon bags?

Backpacks or transition bags are a fundamental element for triathletes. Triathlon is a sport that includes three different sports: swimming, cycling and running. That is why, triathletes need to take with them the necessary accessories for each of these activities.

Backpacks or transition bags must have several compartments and pockets to ensure you have all the accessories at hand. In addition to the necessary accessories, triathletes must carry the appropriate clothing and footwear for each discipline in their backpack. So, the backpack must have enough capacity to carry one type of footwear for cycling stage and another for the run, keep the wetsuit once the swimming stage is finished and, if possible, the helmet. Some backpacks have a compartment designed especially for the helmet.

In addition to the transition bag, you can carry a small, very light bag on the rails of the saddle. These are useful for carrying the basic tools needed if you get a flat tyre or puncture.

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