That moment when you go out on the road and you don't know where to store your things so as not to damage or lose them without resorting to home remedies is very common. As a result of this common problem Javi Blanco created Baggicase, the waterproof case for the cyclist's mobile phone, money and belongings. After a year of development of the initial design and a beta testing programme with more than 60 anonymous and professional cyclists, the crowdfunding campaign began. This phase showed that cyclists needed a case to protect their mobile phone. And that case was Baggicase, a product that, today it is obvious, filled a real need. Baggicase bags have become a fully functional and compact product for storing the important things in your jersey. 100% handmade in Spain, these cases are already well known throughout the industry. Proof of this is the confidence of brands, teams and UCI World Tour riders. Today, the family of products for cyclists has also grown, as cycling socks and cycling bottles complete an ideal pack for every cycling enthusiast .

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