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Do you want to know more about backpacks and lifestyle bags?

The backpacks and lifestyle bags are very versatile and are ready to carry your luggage on multiple occasions. Either to go for a walk on a path, go to work, to college or travel, we always like to have a backpack to rely on. In Deporvillage we offer you a wide range of bags and backpacks that are safe, elegant, easy to use, and strong enough to hold your rhythm.

An active person needs a backpack with which he can improvise his plans and be up to each occasion. In this section you will find backpacks and bags that adapt to your lifestyle, durable and safe, with multiple compartments and spaces for your computer, with style, but without losing security.

One of the factors to take into account when choosing a backpack or bag is the use that we will give, and the objects that we want to load. From here, we will determine the capacity, which is measured in liters. We must always choose a backpack that is comfortable and comfortable, since we will share many hours with her at our back and the ideal would not be noticed. For a short journey with little weight, we recommend a backpack from 0 to 20 liters or a little larger depending on the material to be transported. To carry on trips or load a bulky kit, it is recommended that you have between 20 and 45 liters , and for longer trips, you will choose backpacks of more than 45 liters .

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