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Do you want to know more about the bar grips and tape?

Bar grips and tape allow your hands to grip the handlebars perfectly. The grips are designed specifically for mountain bikes, while the tape is used for road bikes. With the use of handlebar grips and tape you will feel more comfortable on your bike without having to change the current grips.

One of the main advantages of grips and tape is their non-slip surface, which prevents hands from slipping due to sweat or moisture. In addition, they absorb bumps, preventing discomfort and injury to the wrists or palms.

In terms of composition, the best manufacturers of both grips and tape opt for soft materials, such as rubber, plastic, cork and synthetic materials. To prevent them from slipping with rain, as it is the case of rubber, it is recommended to use bar ends at each end.

In addition to the grips and tape, cycling gloves also help to stop your hands from slipping.

Choose the Right Grips

Choosing the right grips is vital, to ensure your workouts or bike rides are as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Apart from the material the grips are made of, the type of fitment, the thickness and the density must also be taken into account. There are two types of grip fitment: slide on or lock on. The former, are characterised by being easy to put on and take off. Lock on grips, on the other hand, have an excellent fixation and weigh less because they have less parts. The thickness is also important, especially in the silicone or foam grips, as more thickness means more cushioning and also greater weight. Finally, the density determines the absorption capacity of water, so that at a higher density, less water will filter.

Ergonomic Grips

Ergonomic grips are usually made of hard materials and differ from traditional ones by having specific shapes so that the hands have more support surface. As a main benefit, they reduce the pressure on the most sensitive nerves of the hand, guaranteeing optimal positioning. This type of grip is often used in urban bikes for the cyclist’s convenience.

Handlebar Tape

There are multiple types, styles and colours of handlebar tape. In addition to improving the grip, the tape also works as a cover for the brake and gear cables and the handlebar itself. A lot of road bikes use cork tape. Gel tape offers a more comfortable alternative with more cushioning.

Handlebar plugs are the perfect accessory to protect the handlebars and grips from bumps and falls.

Opinions featured in Bicycle Bar Grips and Tape

Fizik Tempo MicrotexBonducsh Classic 3mm Handlebar Tape Black
Best bar tape at the best price anywhere
The tape I knew was awesome, the service proved to be equally superb
, the
XLC GR-G18 100mm Grips Black
Lubrication tip.
Use alcohol based lubrication that evaporates after the grips have been put on...oil based ones will stay slippery and grips can twist off easily when cycling.
, the
Zipp Service Course black handlebar tape
The best bar tape by far for CX.
Definitely recommended.
, the
Ergon GP5 Grips Black Grey
Excellent product. Well made
Grips are great. Shipping really fast which l needed.
, the
Ergon GA3 Grips Black
Best Grips I’ve ever owned
These are a replacement for the set I already had which somehow got taking from my bike and fitted on the better half’s as they make long, bumpy terrain so much more bearable on your wrists
, the
ESIgrips Racer's Edge Grips Grey
Great grips
These grips give superb control. The best I've tried and highly recommended. Easy to fit, I used disc brake cleaner.
, the
XLC Ergonomic Handlebar Grips GR-G04 135 mm Black Grey
, the
PRO Team Sport Handlebar Tape Black White Logo
Good to wrap, nice feel,looks good what more do you want
, the
Supacaz Bling Tape Multicolour
Fab!! Looks and feels great
As above!!
, the
Massi Lure Gel Handlebar Tape Black
Great dampning and grip.
2 roles per package. No information on site.
, the
Fizik Tempo Microtex Classic 2mm Handlebar Tape Silver
It has yet to be fitted but looks the part
Quality looks up to fizik standard and suits to rest of the finishing gear on the bike
, the
Brooks England Slender leather cuffs 100-130 mm dark brown
can't re-wrap the leather strip
The leather wrap came undone after 2 years of heavy use, and I was not able to wrap it back on. My bike mechanic wasn't able either. Other than that, they look and feel great. I bought them again, after all.
, the

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