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Do you want to know more about bars and plates?

The bars and discs are used in the realization of strength and toning exercises of the main muscle groups allowing to vary the workloads quickly and easily.

The bars are usually made of chromed steel. There are two types of bars, the 50 mm considered the Olympic standard and professional use and the 25.4 mm, which has a limited weight load capacity, and its use is semi-professional.

The discs can be iron, rubber, rubber, etc ... and have an outer diameter and thickness depending on their weight. Some disc ranges have the standard Olympic diameter of 45 cm. Its internal diameter can be 25,4 or 50 mm to adapt to the different diameters of the bars.

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Softee Urethane Olympic Disc 5 kg Black
Twisted Firestarter
A very good product.
Softee Urethane Olympic Disc 2.5 kg Black
Battlestar Galactica
Good piece of equipment.
Softee Urethane Olympic Disc 1.25 kg Black
Funaria Hygrometrica
Robust, stylish, it does the trick.
O'LIVE Fractional Olympic Discs 1.5 kg Yellow (pair)
Great product
Just what we need, top quality product
Finnlo Curved Bar 120 cm (unit)
Great product
Exactly what I needed

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