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Top Sellers Cycling Base Layers & Thermals

Cycling Base Layers & Thermals

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Do you want to know more about base layers?

Thermal base layers are very efficient garments for the practice of many sports, including cycling. This type of clothing is designed to respond to three well-defined functions:

  • Prevent the loss of natural heat generated by the body during physical activity.
  • Favour and facilitate perspiration.
  • Keep the body dry after doing physical exercise.

Within cycling clothing, thermal base layers have become one of the garments that provides greatest comfort and lightness to cyclists. Their ability to offer thermal insulation means that the athletes do not have to wear uncomfortable and heavy layers of clothing that hinder their performance on their bikes.

Thermal base layers must fit the cyclist's body perfectly, but without being too tight, to allow them to move easily. Among the different models of this kind of clothing are those that have been designed ergonomically, which are more fitted and simply look like normal clothing. Even so, they all share the common purpose of maintaining correct ventilation and aiding the regulation of body temperature.

Normally, these garments are made with fabrics such as polyester, nylon and other materials such as polypropylene that provide the user with maximum comfort and a very pleasant dry sensation, as they wick away moisture immediately.

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