Triathlon Bicycle Cassettes

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Do you want to know more about triathlon cassettes?

The cassettes are a component of the bicycle formed by several pinions on the same axis.

The majority of the bicycles that are used at present have a system of change of marches that facilitates the effort to realize by the cyclist. This, through a few changes of gears that are in the handlebar, can change the position of the chain both in the plates and in the pinions and thus improve the performance in ascents or descents.

One thing that is very important to keep in mind to keep a cassette in full condition is to use lubricating liquids so that the friction of the chain with the teeth of the plates and pinions does not end up damaging the material. If these elements are not greased regularly they will end up wearing out and their life will be much shorter.

In triathlon it is considered that the narrower the gap between the gears of the cassette, the more optimal the performance that it will provide. Since there are fewer spaces between gears, this makes the transition between them more smooth. With this softness, the triathlete maintains the constancy in the power and the cadence of the pedaling. In addition, with this constancy it is possible to compete with an aerodynamic position.

Speeds of triathlon cassettes

In Deporvillage you will find one, seven and even eleven speed triathlon cassettes . In this discipline but, it is increasingly common to use cassettes that have nine or more speeds.

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