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Bike racks are supports that are used to carry bicycles from one place to another with the car. There is a wide variety of bike racks that can be adapted to all types of different cars.

The most common bicycle carriers are the roof rack . They are very common since they are simple to install in cars through roof bars. They are comfortable to access the car, because, unlike the other supports, you can open the trunk without problems. An inconvenience could be to place the bicycle in the support if the car is very high, but it is not a serious problem.

Another bicycle carrier is the tailgate . They are easy to put on and take off and, unlike the previous one, they do not have the inconvenience when placing the bicycle as it is much simpler. If you have the problem that, to access the trunk of the car, in most cases, you have to remove the bike rack.

The latest models of bicycle carriers are those of tow ball. They are the best of all, since they are very easy to put on and take off and depending on the type of car you can even access the trunk. One possible drawback is that they are somewhat more expensive than the previous ones, but if you are a regular cyclist and you take your bike everywhere, without a doubt, these bike rack models are ideal for you.

In these two portabicis you have to be careful not to cover the license plate of the car with the bicycles, because if the license plate does not look good you will have to ask for another to be visible.

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Fatbike UpRide Adapter
Good equipment
As it said in the description, quality, good service.
, the
Close fast Thule 9mm OutRide
Replacement as expected
Great spare part
, the
Thule ProRide 591-561 Wheel Holder
Genuine replacement part
far cheaper to replace this part which had broken than buy a whole new carrier.
, the
Thule RoundTrip Transition Bike Travel Case
Thule RoundTrip Transition Bike Travel Case
Superb quality like I've come to expect with Thule :)
, the
Thule UpRide Bike Rack Black
Thule Upride cycle rack
Secures Carbon Bikes with Carbon forks and dropouts, easy to assemble and excellent quality and the reason I buy Thule products with a bonus that it was delivered two days early. The colour states Black but is actually the Silver and Black and the same as all my other racks but even if it was all Black I would still buy for the Thule quality.
, the
Thule ProRide 591-561 Wheel Holder
In stock at the right price.
Sorted my broken one in minutes and very pleased with the delivery.
, the
Thule ProRide 591-561 Wheel Holder
Thule bike carrier tyre support.
Seems to be fine and fits existing bike carrier OK
, the

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