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Do you want to know more about bike and wheel bags?

Wheel bags and bike bags are very useful accessories for travelling with your bike by any means of transport (car, train, boat, plane, etc.) or sending it by courier service, in order to protect it as much as possible from being damaged on the journey.

How to choose a bike or wheel bag?

This is probably one of the most important criteria that will determine the price of the bag in most cases. As a general rule, the most resistant bags and models, either made with reinforced canvas on the outside or, preferably, a hard plastic cover, are recommended. Some may include exterior compartments to store the wheels. On the inside they should be well padded and shaped to adapt to the dimensions of your bike, as well as having some compartments and straps to hold or store other components (pedals, etc.).

Hard bags are inevitably heavier. However, within the range of hard bags there is a lot of variability, differing between 10 and 20 kg approximately. You have to look for rigidity, while at the same time considering the weight. Heavier bags have two disadvantages: they are more difficult to carry and are more expensive to transport.

Although the majority of bike bags are universal according to the manufacturers, that is to say that they are suitable for any type of bicycle, the truth is that bikes fit very tightly into them. Therefore, it is also recommended to disassemble the usual components (wheels, pedals and handlebars), and remove the fork from the bike frame and the mech hanger. You should also take into account the size of your bike and check the measurements given by the manufacturer, ensure, as well, that you have enough space in your house to store the bag.

Interior protection
In general, the bags are lined with foam and have a series of straps to hold the bicycle and wheels. You do not need a lot of fasteners, because the bike bags will usually be quite full once you put the bike and its parts inside. Once closed, there is not much space for the contents to move.
Of course, you should protect the most delicate parts of your bike additionally with bubble wrap.

External security
They feature a safety closure system on the outside to help prevent the risk of theft.

The most resistant bike bags tend to be the most expensive, therefore, it is worth assessing before, not only the value of your bicycle, but also the frequency in which you travel with it to make the investment worth it.

Opinions featured in Cycling Bike & Wheel Bags

Topeak Road Bike Cover 28"
Good cover
high-quality cover for the bike and its exposure to the elements it was what I needed
MTB Topeak Bike Cover 27.5"-29"
They fit a 29"
Once opened, it is impossible to put it back in the cover's pocket
Vaude Big Bike Bag Black Grey
Baude Big Bag Bike Cover
Fits the bike without disassembling the rear wheel. Good finish
Vaude Big Bike Bag Black Grey
Very good quality
Easy to use and good quality. Made in need of greater waterproofing and reinforcements in the base.
MTB Topeak Bike Cover 27.5"-29"
Perfect size
One of the few cases that are exactly the right size, this is also lightweight for storing your bike on the terrace.
Scicon Pocket Bike Bag Black
It would be better with at least one compartment for 1 or 2 wheels
The material is simple but practical thanks to how it folds up like a bag
PRO 2 X 26"29"700CC Wheel Bag Black
Robust and good quality
robust and good quality
Vaude Big Bike Bag Black Grey
Excellent value
Good quality and size for my requirement of storage in the car or motorhome. Probably too lightweight for air travel.

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