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The Bike is a personal courier vehicle powered by human pedal power. It consists of a frame with two wheels, one front and one rear, a transmission system that connects the pedals to the rear wheel, a handlebar to control the steering and a saddle for the rider. There are different types of bike designed for a specific use and terrain. The road bikes are designed for cycling on paved roads. Road bikes are lightweight and aerodynamic, ideal for long, fast rides on asphalt. MTB or Mountain bikes are designed for cycling on rough terrain and off-road trails. MTB bikes have front or full suspension, wide tyres and a rugged design. In contrast, urban bikes have a comfortable design, with straight handlebars, mudguards and pannier racks, making them ideal for city commuting or short journeys.

The electric bicycles or e-bikes are equipped with an electric motor that provides pedalling assistance. Unlike traditional bicycles, e-bikes can assist the rider in pedalling, which makes pedalling easier and allows for longer rides and less effort, especially on hills and long distances. Electric bikes have an electric motor located in the rear wheel hub or bottom bracket. This motor provides pedal assistance and can be controlled by a control panel on the handlebar. The e-bikes are equipped with a rechargeable battery that powers the motor. Battery range varies by model and use but can generally provide assistance in the range of 20 to 100 kilometres, depending on the power and capacity of the battery.

E-bikes have been experimented with in the past, and are now being used in many countries around the world.

Bikes have undergone numerous technological innovations in recent decades, leading to significant improvements in terms of performance, comfort and safety. Mountain bikes and some road bikes feature suspension systems that absorb the shocks and vibrations of uneven terrain. These systems include front forks with suspension and rear shock absorbers. The suspension systems improve comfort and control over rough terrain. Electronic transmissions allow smooth, precise gear changes via electronic push buttons instead of mechanical levers, offering greater precision in gear shifting and eliminating the need for constant adjustments. Disc brakes are becoming increasingly common on mountain, cyclocross and road bikes, because they offer greater stopping power and better performance in wet conditions compared to traditional rim brakes.

Disc brakes are also used on the road, cyclocross and mountain bikes.

The materials used in the construction of a bike's frame have a significant impact on its performance, weight, durability and price. Aluminium is known to be lightweight and strong. Bikes with aluminium frames tend to be more affordable compared to other materials, making them a popular choice for cyclists looking for value for money. Aluminium frames are excellent for road bikes, city bikes and some mountain bikes. Carbon is a material widely used in high-performance bikes because of its light weight and rigidity. carbon frames can be moulded into aerodynamic shapes and optimised to reduce vibration and improve comfort on long rides. Bikes with carbon frames are popular with road cyclists and elite mountain bikers. Carbon frames tend to be more expensive than aluminium frames due to the complexity of their manufacture.

Carbon frames are often more expensive than aluminium frames due to the complexity of their manufacture.

Choosing the right size of bike and ensuring an optimal fit is essential for a comfortable and safe cycling experience. The stature is one of the key factors in determining the right size of bike. It is important to consult the manufacturer's size guide to find out which size best fits your body.

Size guide.

There are several brands recognised for their specialising in the manufacture and sale of bikes. Merida is a Taiwanese bike brand that has gained international recognition for its wide range of high-quality bikes, with bicycles for a variety of disciplines. Merida is known for its focus on innovation and the development of advanced technologies in the manufacture of carbon and aluminium frames. BH Bikes is a Spanish bike brand with a long history dating back to 1909. BH Bikes has been a pioneer in the development of advanced technologies, such as high-performance electric bikes and innovative suspension systems.

BH Bikes has been a pioneer in the development of advanced technologies, such as high-performance electric bikes and innovative suspension systems.

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