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The bicycle, colloquially called bike, is the basic and indispensable element to practice your favorite sport cycling . Bicycles have evolved a lot since the German Karl Christian Ludwig invented in 1817 what was called "walking machine", the first two-wheeled vehicle. The construction of the first bicycle with pedals is attributed to the Scottish Kirkpatrick Macmillan, in the year 1839.

Currently there are several types of bicycles and are used for many aspects, the most prominent and popular types for sports are:

  • The electric bicycle or e-bike is a type of electric vehicle consisting of a bicycle to which an electric motor has been attached to help in the advancement of it.
  • The folding bicycle , also known only as collapsible, is a type of bicycle that incorporates hinges or elbows in the frame and handle, which allow folding and leaving it in a more compact size. Usually these types of bicycles have wheels 20 inches in diameter or less.
  • BMX bicycles, these bicycle bikes are small in size (the wheels have a diameter of 20 inches), to gain manageability over them.
  • MTB bicycles or mountain bike is characterized by some components (frame, wheels, systems of change, etc.) more resistant to the impacts of the terrain and to be provided, in many cases, with a suspension system that can be single or double .

Opinions featured in Bikes

Conor Denver Folding Bike Dark Blue
Amazing bike
Awesome bike, good stuff and really good material, it comes unfolded and with the tires inflated
, the
Dahon Vybe i3 Shimano Nexus Inter 3-Speed Folding Bike Black
Great fun and very practical
Nippy little shopper, easy to fold. Could use a better saddle.
, the
Ghost FR AMR 4.7 AL MTB Bike Light Brown Black
Having a blast on this machine
Good quality and awesome looks however I did put a ding in the rim on a stair set but was probably my fault
, the
Conor 5200 26" MTB Bike Yellow
Fantastic quality at a brilliant price
At possibly one of the cheapest bikes on the market of this range, I was a little dubious when purchasing this for my eldest sons birthday. I didn’t need to be- outstanding quality of frame, parts and workmanship. This bike screams out class! Plus hardly anything to do to finish the ensemble. Quick release seat and wheels, pedals on and a quick top up of pressure in the tyres and your good to go! Highly recommend
, the
Conor 5400 27.5" MTB Bike Black Pink Women
Fab trendy bike
Great bike
, the
Conor 7200 27.5" MTB Bike Blue Women
Looks great
Good build quality My wife loves it
, the
Conor 5400 27.5" MTB Bike Black Orange
Connor 5400
What can I say just finished assembly on the bike and wow what a bike, you'd expect to pay double what this bike is worth, exceptional bit of kit, highly recommended cheers guys.
, the
MTB Haibike SEET HardSeven 2.0 2020 Bike Red White Black Matte
Well made Bike
Good bike for the price, Unboxing took 10 min and it was ready to go. love the Matte Look and design of the new generation Haibike. 27.5 wheels is a good match to the small frame size.
, the

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