Do you want to know more about outdoor binoculars?

Outdoor binoculars are a useful and indispensable material for nature lovers. Although there are not many types of binoculars, there are a number of functions to take into account when choosing a model or another.

The increase is the ability of binoculars to expand the field of vision that is focused. Normally it is indicated with a number and an X; that is, if we choose an increase of 20X we will observe an object that is really 200 meters away as if it were 20 meters away.

The visual field is the area that binoculars allow to see. It can be measured in degrees (º) or meters. Keep in mind that as you increase the increase, the angle of vision is reduced. High-field field binoculars are recommended if animals are to be observed.

Optical quality is measured by the quality of the prisms, eye lenses and objective lenses they have. The lenses are subjected to extra low dispersion treatments, which reduce chromatic aberrations or high definition. In the prisms, we find the BAK-4 or BAK-7. The BAK-4 stands out because its high density means that the images it perceives are sharper.

The aperture measures the amount of light that enters. The higher the number, the more light will enter.

The exit pupil indicates the performance of the binoculars when there is little light. It is considered to be low when it is below 3.5.

The minimum focusing distance is considered optimal from 8m.

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Binoculars Nikon Aculon A211 16x50
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Binoculars Nikon Aculon A211 16x50
Excellent quality for the price
Very nice binoculars, very impressive zoom

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