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The Black Diamond Helio Recon 88 skis are designed for the everyday skier with extensive experience in the backcountry or randonneur, destined to mark great lines and technical tracks. The versatile 95 mm ski, the rocker profile with camber under the feet and the medium turning radius achieve the perfect balance between ski performance in variable downhill conditions or soft snow. Made in Austria, the poplar wood core and ABS side walls, combined with the damping technology taken from the award-winning Helio construction, provide a smooth and powerful ride. The Helio Recon 88 emphasises the skiing and touring performance while withstanding season after season of use.

- Aggregate damping technology taken from the award-winning Helio construction
- The 88 mm ski and the average turning radius stand out in variable conditions
- Made in Austria with poplar wood core and ABS side walls
- Balanced tip and tail and traditional underfoot camber
- Optimal use: 30% soft snow, 70% hard snow

- Level: Advanced/ Expert
- Peak line: 119 mm - size 158 cm
- Skate line: 88 mm - size 158 cm
- Tail line: 110 mm - size 158 cm
- Peak line: 121 mm - size 168 cm
- Skate line: 88 mm - size 168 cm
- Tail line: 111 mm - size 168 cm
- Peak line: 123 mm - size 178 cm
- Skate line: 88 mm - size 178 cm
- Tail line: 110 mm - size 178 cm
- Type of rocker: Tip Tail Rocker
- Traditional flat camber
- Core material: Poplar core
- Covering material: fibreglass
- Turning radius size 158: 16 m
- Turning radius size 168: 17 m
- Turning radius size 178: 18 m

- BPRO high performance pre-impregnated glass fibre:
The high-strength E-Glass fiber is oriented along multiple axes and optimized to provide a smooth and consistent bending profile, longitudinal strength and torsional rigidity. The hardened epoxy resin is added in precise amounts before the manufacture of the skis to ensure precise weight and consistent quality. This layer is designed with 45 degree layers to prioritize torsional rigidity for maximum downhill performance and finds a balance between strength, durability, cushioning and weight.

- Titanal Mounting plate:
A high-strength titanium plate is embedded under the composite layer to ensure that fixation screw retention is never a concern. This plate also serves to increase torsional rigidity and provides a solid base under the feet.

- Internal Core Dampening:
Elastomeric materials are strategically placed within the ski to improve shock absorption and edge control. These layers serve both to absorb high frequency vibration and to allow some cutting between the inner layers, improving both performance and durability.

- Wood Core:
Paulownia wood is the material of choice when light weight is required, but compromising performance on the slopes is not an option. The stiffness and weight properties of paulownia wood make it the reference material when using carbon fibre in the boards. Its slightly softer longitudinal stiffness allows the use of stiffer carbon composites without compromising the flex profile of the ski. It has good compression and shearing properties, which allow for remarkably smooth and chatter-free skiing performance at a very low weight.

- ABS Sidewalls:
The ABS side walls wrap around the entire perimeter of the ski, offering optimal durability and shock absorption. Used on skis designed for maximum performance and durability on the descent, but optimized for minimum weight.

- PTEX 4500 Base:
Accepted by the industry as the premier base material, this sintered UHMW-PE base provides very high density for excellent durability and wax retention, combined with high carbon content for superior slip.
Reference: BD-BD115123

Quick Overview

Perfect for long sessions of ascending snowy mountains, very good response in descents. For enthusiasts who enjoy the slopes on a daily basis.

Quick Overview

Perfect for long sessions of ascending snowy mountains, very good response in descents. For enthusiasts who enjoy the slopes on a daily basis.
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