Founded in 1975, Bont began its journey when Inze Bont, an amateur skater decided to coat the back of his leather skates with fiberglass for additional support.

Inze Bont's innovation led Bont to be the first footwear manufacturer to use materials such as fiberglass in 1975, Kevlar in 1986 and carbon in 1989. The company's philosophy to continuously drive development, along with its reputation From manufacturing high-quality products, he quickly made it into the largest producer of handmade speed skates in the world, a position he has maintained continuously and which is supported not only by the volume of products sold, but by the countless medals obtained in the world championships.

In 2007, after continuous requests, the decision was made to extend the product line by entering the world of cycling . Working together with world-class cyclists, Bont launched his first cycling shoes and in his inaugural year at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games he finished with 8 gold medals.

Since 2008, Bont Cycling has rapidly increased its product line to more than 12 models and now covers all cycling disciplines. Its range of cycling shoes caters not only to high performance athletes, but also for amateurs and beginners.

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