Boots Asolo Elbrus GV GTX blue red

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Boots Asolo Elbrus GV GTX blue red Boots Asolo Elbrus GV GTX blue red Boots Asolo Elbrus GV GTX blue red Boots Asolo Elbrus GV GTX blue red
Boots Asolo Elbrus GV GTX blue red
Quick Overview
"Recommended for traditional mountaineering but also for challenging trekking routes."
The Asolo Elbrus GV GTX boots have a water-resistant Schoeller K-Tech upper, plus a Gore-Tex lining that provides waterproofing and breathability. The Vibram sole offers maximum support and torsion stability. The Dual Integrated System absorbs impact, helps traction and holds on braking on any terrain, even in the most inaccessible. Protective toe cap and preparation for the coupling of semi-automatic crampons.

- Top: Water resistant suede 1.6-1.8 mm + Schoeller
- Lining: Gore-Tex Performance Comfort
- Mediasuela: Asoflex Spiky
- Anatomical insole: Lite 4
- Sole: Vibram Ascent + double microporous density + Dual Integrated System for semi-automatic crampons
- Weight: 800 g (size 42)

- Dual Integrated System
The DIS is specifically designed to facilitate the use of automatic and semi-automatic crampons. Made with two materials condensed together, it offers stability, support and absorption of impacts. The upper material is thermoplastic polyurethane that provides stability and support, while the lower part is made of polyurethane that offers comfort and absorption of impacts. These are combined with the double density midsole.

- Gore-Tex Performance Comfort Footwear
It offers a durable waterproofing and optimal breathability for optimal climatic comfort. The water does not penetrate the inside of the footwear and the sweat is easily evacuated to the outside. Its innovative design makes it the ideal solution for a wide variety of outdoor activities and variable weather conditions.
- Highly breathable. Footwear with moderate insulation offers optimized thermal retention
- Comfort all year. Designed for a wide range of activities in moderate and cold climates and suitable for both daily use and for outdoor adventures
- Durable waterproofing. Reliable weather protection throughout the life of the footwear

- Vibram
It offers maximum guarantees in terms of grip, stability, shock absorption, duration and resistance to temperature changes.
On the other hand, the polyurethane bi-density soles reconcile the characteristics of lightness and resistance. Comfortable and lightweight soles that consist of a compact polyurethane outsole to grip well in irregular terrain and with tacking design to automatically evacuate mud from muddy grounds with autumn water, and an expanded polyurethane inner sole, which cushions the impacts of the footprint, preventing injuries to knees, ankles and hips. They are very comfortable and flexible soles that adapt perfectly to the process of walking the foot.

Reference: AL-A01028-A182
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Asolo Elbrus GV GTX blue
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Boots Asolo Elbrus GV GTX blue red

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