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BOREAL was founded in 1975 by Jesús García López in the city of Villena, Spain. The area around Villena has a rich history of footwear manufacturing and Jesus was an expert in shoe manufacturing processes.

The first products that were developed were a mix of styles of outdoor boots, including both new light trekking boots or high quality leather hiking boots .

In the 1980s the demand for BOREAL climbing shoes was enormous, quickly establishing BOREAL as the first choice in climbing shoes worldwide, introducing new materials and manufacturing techniques leading to innovative models now famous, such as Ace, Ninja, Vector and Laser. Many climbers of this period said that they would go up a full grade just by using BOREAL.

This period saw great advances in climbing and in synchrony with the achievements of the athletes, BOREAL continued to develop increasingly advanced models, helping to push the limits of what is possible. Legendary climbers of this period like John Bachar, Ron Fawcett, Lynn Hill, Wolfgang Güllich, Jerry Moffat, Ben Luna and Yuji Hirayama naturally opted to use BOREAL.

The passion for technological innovation is deeply rooted in BOREAL and is a defining characteristic of the company, in addition to having the collaboration of the best climbers and mountaineers in the world, and having the right commercial vision, manufacturing facilities and the passion to develop the revolutionary products that have so widely influenced the Outdoor footwear market.

Unusually for a footwear manufacturer, BOREAL produces the complete collection continuously throughout the year.

Opinions featured in BOREAL Vibram

Boreal Tempest Mid Boots Blue
Ok, Looks good
Even with little use, they're good
Boreal Saurus Shoes Yellow Orange Women
It's a little awkward to put on.
I find it narrow.
Boreal Tempest Shoes Grey
Good footwear
They are simple and comfortable. Boreal Quality.
BOREAL Magma Style Hiking Shoes Dark Brown Grey
Very comfortable in both summer and autumn
Very comfortable sneakers. They are the second sneakers I have The first ones with proper maintenance lasted me 5 years using them frequently .
BOREAL Magma Classic Hiking Shoes Brown
Comfort and design
Very comfortable and nice design
Boreal Flyers Shoes Green
Just what I was looking for
Quality leather, comfortable, and hopefully durable. The inner insole cushions the feet a lot. Very good fit up to the tip, even with a wide foot. Out of it's class, this is the closest footwear to a climbing shoe. Optimal sole for climbing. I like how it works when climbing abutments.
Boreal Alligator Shoes Red Black
Great, perfect.
Extraordinary quality
Boreal Tempest Shoes Red
Very good quality
and with a very firm sole
Boreal Tempest Shoes Grey
High quality. Highly recommended
Boreal Saurus Shoes Green Orange
Very good ..excellent
Just what I expected.
BOREAL Atlas Hiking Boots Brown
The best hiking shoes
This is my second pair. First pair was dead after 9 years use. If still will be this model in production, next time I will buy again :D

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