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Bosu Balance Trainer Bosu Balance Trainer Bosu Balance Trainer Bosu Balance Trainer
Bosu Balance Trainer
Quick Overview
"It is your perfect balance trainer to work on strength, balance and full body coordination, especially your pelvic girdle and deep abdominal muscles. Try it, you will become superstrong in no time."
The Bosu® Balance Trainer is an inflated rubber dome attached to a rigid platform that allows versatile training to improve balance, core stability and proprioception. It is made of a latex-free material and designed to support users weighing up to 140 kg.

With the Bosu® Balance Trainer you can work with the top of the dome, sitting, standing, kneeling or jumping. With the dome upside down, you can do push-ups or advanced balance work by staying on top of the platform. Any floor exercise can be carried out on top of the Bosu®, making it more challenging, fun and effective.

- Professional model
- Includes user manual (in English) and foot pump
- Dimensions: ø 65 cm

The Bosu® Ballance Trainer is the ultimate in functional training. It's like a big fitness ball cut in half with one stable side and the other unstable. This makes it a versatile product that can be used for cardio training, rehabilitation, yoga, pilates, etc. With the dome side up you can climb on it, do squats, sit or simply use it as a step for aerobics. The difference is that your body has to contract constantly to maintain balance. This does not simply help burn more calories, but also improves coordination and balance. If you turn the Bosu® around, you can use it as a bench, do push-ups or just work on balance exercises. The Bosu® adds functionality to any workout.

The Bosu® manages to strengthen the core muscles of your body, which are located around your abdominals and back helping you not only to gain strength but also muscle tone and full body coordination. Virtually any exercise carried out on the ground can be exercised on top of the Bosu®, making it more motivating, fun and effective.

Reference: AF-ST01100
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Bosu Balance Trainer

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