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Do you want to know more about hydration packs for running?

Hydration packs are an essential accessory for all those who run regularly and run long distances. These packs have a liquid storage system for water or other liquids such as isotonic drinks inside, and a thin tube which allows the liquid to be ingested with the need to stop running.

In this type of sport, it is extremely important that the athlete is always well hydrated in order to keep energy levels up and to carry out the physical activity without problems. For that reason, hydration packs are such an important accessory, they allow runners to cover longer distances thanks to their easy hydration system.

It is important to bear in mind the following factors when choosing a hydration pack for running:

- Storage capacity. The pack must have enough litre capacity but should not be too much since the greater the capacity, the heavier it will be, which is not recommended. To avoid injuring your back by carrying too much weight and making your workout unpleasant, you should carry the appropriate capacity, nothing more and nothing less. Three litres is the ideal capacity. - Fabric and material. Wearing a backpack while running can be uncomfortable due to the heat it produces in your back. Which is why we must take into account the type of material or fabric used to make the hydration packs. They must be breathable, fast drying and must control heat effectively. This will ensure the race will not be uncomfortable and your back will always stay dry.

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