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The brakes of the bicycle are one of the most important components for the cyclist's safety, as riding with bad brakes can result in serious accidents. Keeping the brakes in good condition is relatively simple and in many cases, all you have to do is change the brake pads or adjust the tension of the cables.

There are many different bicycle brake systems, but here we are going to explain the two main ones:

Rim brakes are the most well-known and widespread, due to their effectiveness and lower cost. They work by applying force from friction pads to the rim of the wheel by pulling on the brake levers in the handlebars, to slow the bike down To keep your rim brakes in good condition you simply have to change the brake pads (when worn or in poor condition) or tighten the brake cables which go from the brake levers on the handlebars to the metal shoes that hold the brake pads, with tools.

Disc brakes are much more effective than rim brakes, but are more expensive. These brakes are mechanical or hydraulic and are increasingly used especially in mountain biking. Changing the pads of these brakes is relatively simple and anyone can do it at home. The disc brakes are very powerful and just by pulling on the brake lever a little, braking is strong and safe. When greasing the bike chain, the lubricant must be sprayed on the chain rings so that the liquid does not damage the disc brakes.

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