Burley was founded more than 35 years ago by Alan Scholz under the name of Burley Bike Bags. The name Burley was inspired by his wife Beverly, a cyclist known as "Burley Bev." The couple sold their handmade bags at the Saturday market in Eugene, 30 miles from home.

Determined to live a car-free life, Alan needed a way to take his bags and his little daughter to the bicycle market. With different parts of a children's swing, the first Burley trailer was built. Local cyclists and bike shops began to see Alan with his trailer through the city, and it was not long before orders began to arrive.

In 1978, Burley became a worker-owned cooperative and began to build a reputation for durable and safe products, and the name Burley became synonymous with bicycle towing . In 2006, the owners sold the company to Michael Coughlin, a local community leader and outdoor sports enthusiast.

Today, Burley is known throughout the world for the manufacture of transportation systems and accessories and has become the standard in terms of safety, durability and intelligent design. While Burley continues to evolve the bicycle trailers that put them on the map, their product catalog is also growing to meet the changing needs of their customers. The Burley brand remains synonymous with unsurpassed quality as it did in 1978.

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