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Top Sellers Cycling Sports Cameras

Cycling Sports Cameras

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One of the most fashionable accessories currently in the practice of many sports and, especially, cycling, is the action camera . These cameras can record high quality videos and make fully defined photographs in motion.

The action cameras are characterized by their small dimensions (in general, 4,1x3,1x6,4 cm.), Lightness and easy portability. Being so small it is very easy to always carry them on and record the journey made by bicycle . There are a number of accessories that facilitate the portability of these cameras and others that complement them. In general, for the use of cycling include: - Body support: this support is placed just below the chest and is composed of an elastic band and a compartment located in the center of the rubber, designed to introduce the camera into it. If desired, it can also be placed on other parts of the body, such as the arms or legs. - Head support : this is the most used support by most cyclists. Like the previous one, it is composed of an elastic band but narrower and shorter, since this support is designed to be placed only on the head. In the center is the camera compartment and, although it may seem annoying to the forehead, it is not, due to the pads on the back of the stand.

Other accessories most used to complement the use of these cameras are the submersible housing and the camera suction cup . These accessories are often used for recording water sports or risk, not so much in cycling.

In addition to traditional action cameras, there are other types of cameras that are gaining more weight in the world of cycling. They are the cameras integrated in the protective glasses. The advantage of these cameras is that they combine two utilities in one, that of a video camera and goggles that protect the sun, dust, sand, etc. The price of these action cameras is higher than that of traditional cameras.

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