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Do you want to know more about friends, fissures and climbing nails?

These climbing elements are used as safe while climbing, but each of the three is different. In general, they have different sizes and are used by pinning them in fissures when climbing Big Wall or classic . What differentiates them is the anchoring system itself, but they all have different sizes, mostly distinguished by their color to adapt to the size of the crack.

But how are they different from each other?

- Friends: Friends have a hitch in the lower area to grab the rope and his head has a system that contracts and stretches to allow it to enter the crack. Its size can be large, like the Camalot of Black Diamond , medium or small. They are divided into rigid , if they have an extension that can not be deformed, or flexible if the lower area is formed by a steel cable (or cables).

- Fisureros: Also known as empotradores or stoppers, they are fixed by inserting them vertically and turning them so that they can not leave the crack. There are different ways to enter different types of cracks and, also, there are different sizes to use them in any crack. To differentiate them, as in the case of friends, the size of the head of the fissures is also differentiated by their color so they can be used quickly when you are in the middle of the climb.

- Nails : Its use in ascent has been decreasing since the crackers and friends appeared, but there are a lot of cracks where these do not guarantee an optimal fixation. The nails have different shapes to adapt to the cracks that we find. The slimline used in thin and narrow cracks, which are shaped P are useful both in horizontal slots and vertical, the Rurp or mediums used in fine cracks without travel, tacks, which usually have a displaced position With respect to the body, they are also used in vertical and horizontal cracks and V- shaped and U- shaped nails for fissures.

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