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Do you want to know more about cardio?

Cardio is the same as saying that you exercise by walking, running, cycling, rowing, among other sports. For the practice of this type of sports it is not necessary to have to leave home, for this reason in Deporvillage they provide you with a great variety of treadmills or static bicycles.

If you want to run in front of the TV in your own home, you just have to look at this wide variety of treadmills . These treadmills tend to work in a similar way, they have a treadmill that moves at the speed you indicate on the control panel and statically (without moving from the site) you are doing a continuous race. Some of these running machines allow you to change the incline to increase the difficulty.

A very important sector within the cardio are the static bicycles that can be divided into two main groups the static bicycles and the spinning bicycles . These are different bicycles both in their physical form and in the type of training that has to be done, and spinning bikes tend to be somewhat more expensive than static bicycles.

Other machines to improve your physical performance are elliptical bicycles which is not exactly a bicycle but rather it is a machine that simulates the movement of the running race, but that does not use a treadmill but uses pedals, that is why this machine It is a mix of a treadmill and an exercise bike.

The last machine that is there is different from all the others and it helps you to work other parts of the body as the whole area of ??the trunk. Are the rowing machines and are perfect for working the upper body, both abdominals and arms and shoulders.

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