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Over the last 20 years, the name CASCO has been synonymous with innovation and superior quality. CASCO is one of the leading helmet manufacturers in Europe. With 2 factories and more than 150 employees, CASCO has the most modern development and production facilities.

CASCO Schutzhelme GmbH was founded in 1989, moving their headquarters from Baden-Württemberg to Saxony in August 1995. In January 2006 another factory was opened in Satu Mare, Romania.

Safety, functionality, comfort and design are combined perfectly in CASCO helmets based on their customers opinions and suggestions, as well as those of experienced athletes such as 5-time Olympic winner Ole Einar Björndalen, olympic ski jumping champion Lars Bystol and 2-time winner of the Jens Fiedler cycling Olympics Jos Lansink.

CASCO work for maximum quality and innovation in all product areas. That is why it is essential that their products are tested in extreme conditions during the development stage, getting feedback from world class athletes. Their ski helmets, which are a relatively new product in the CASCO range, have been developed particularly in close partnership with athletes just as with cycling or horse riding helmets.

Taking winter sports as an example, the Ski World Cup is considered to be the winter Formula 1, and all innovations come from here. This is where their helmets are tested and developed under extreme conditions, guaranteeing perfect protection and user comfort for customers. The special products developed for CASCO’s world-class athletes serve as the basis for products that will later be available in shops.

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