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Do you want to know more about chainrings?

The chainrings, together with the frame, are one of the crucial components which account for the proper functioning of the bicycle. Therefore, their care and maintenance should be one of your priorities if you want to enjoy a pleasant and relaxed bike ride in the mountains or in the city. They take all the power you generate through pedalling and feed it through the drivetrain to the rear wheel, making it move faster.

How to choose chainrings

There are different types of chainring settings, depending on whether you have one, two or three. In addition, there is a wide variety of sizes, teeth and gear ratios. As for the materials, most chainrings are made of aluminium, although there are also some steel, titanium and carbon fibre models.

In terms of the chainring set-up, in recent years, two chainrings have become popular in MTB instead of the traditional triple chainset. On the road they are already common, but in the mountains some people find themselves with the doubt of choosing double or triple chainsets for their bikes. The triple chainset option is recommended for cyclists who want a very low gear to cycle uphill and at the same time a higher one for cycling at more than 50 km / h. Double chainsets, unlike triple ones, do not mean losing capacity on hills, since a small chainring of up to 22 or 24 teeth can be used, which is the same as having three chainrings.

Generally speaking, two chainrings are used in hardtail and full suspension XC bikes, and top end and carbon bicycles. But there are more and more new models that opt for two chainrings, which provide advantages like, a more efficient drivetrain and better performance cycling uphill, avoiding dead spots of strength on the steepest hills.

Cyclocross chainrings are usually single or double. Cyclocross bikes are a hybrid, since they often need to cover long distances on very rough terrain, so not only do they require speed, but they also must be robust and energy savings. For this reason, their second chainring is smaller.

Road bike chainrings are usually double. A triple chainset would only be necessary for cycling up very steep hills, although at present there are double systems to mount a smaller chainring than usual.

Opinions featured in Bicycle Chainrings

Race Face Round 12-Speed Chainring Black
Got to have the chain ring.
Hi. I upgraded my ride from 10 to 12 speed shimano. Wanting to keep my Race Face Next R chain set, I didn't use the shimano chain set (Big mistake) The XTR chain sits near the top of the teeth on the standard Race Face direct mount chain ring. This makes the chain skip and derail itself. I bought this specific chain ring. Now I get to enjoy the system at it's full potential. Absolutely silky smooth.
Shimano 105 R7000 50D 50/34 11s Plate
It's good enough
I recomend it.
Shimano Ultegra R8000 50D 50/34 11-Speed Chainring
Top Quality Product
So lightweight Well made, excellent quality
Shimano SLX FC-M8000 / M7000 34T Single 11-Speed Chainring
Top quality as you'd expect
Exceptionally well made as you would expect from Shimano
Race Face DM Face Narrow Wide Cinch 24 mm / 30 mm 10-12-Speed Chainring Black
Very good race face
Yes.... everything is OK
Shimano Ultegra R8000 50D 50/34 11-Speed Chainring
Excellent quality.
Highly recommended combined with a 34 tooth cassette for easier spinning up hills.
Shimano Ultegra R8000 34D 50/34 11-Speed Chain Ring
Excellent quality
Highly recommended combined with a 34 tooth cassette for easier spinning up hills.
BBB Torxstars Aluminium Chainring Bolts for Shimano BCR-55S (5 Pack)
Good product
Does exactly what it needs to
Rotor noQ BCD 110x5 46T/50T Outer Road Chainring Black
Great product
Easy to install
Rotor noQ BCD 110x5 Inner Road Chainring Black
Rotor chainrings
Easy to install. Good price
Shimano XT M800 /770/760/660/590 Triple 9-Speed 22D Plate
Great lightweight item
Bought to replace worn out chainring, noise issue solved, runs smoothly.
Shimano Deore M580/540/530/480/440 44T Chainring Black
Good quality
Like for like replacement, fits well and well made.
Shimano 105 5750 50T F-Type 10-Speed Double Chainring Black
Happy customer
Couldn't find this part anywhere else and it was a fair price
SRAM X-Sync 2 Eagle GX DirectMount 3º Forged Boost Plate
Excellent product
Wanted to increase from 30t to 32t but also needed a new crank. All sorted and working well
SRAM X-Sync 2 Eagle 12-Speed 104 BCD Plate Black
excellent quality
It has fully met my expectations

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