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CYT is a brand specialized in the manufacture and sale of cameras for the bicycle. The cameras are inside the wheels of the bicycle and are air chambers that are inflated by a valve.

The CYT cameras are manufactured with quality materials to ensure the consistency and hardness of the wheel. The pressure of the camera should be regulated according to the terrain to be traveled, the weight of the cyclist and his pedaling force. In general, the inflation pressure measurements are the following:

- For mountain bikes under normal conditions, the pressure should range between 2.5 and 3.5 kg. - For race bicycles or elite cyclists, the inflation pressure can amount to 8 or more kg.

It is advisable to always carry a spare CYT camera and the necessary tools to be able to repair or change the current one with the new one in case of a puncture. For a comfortable practice of cycling , it is always better to be prepared for any situation and include in the backpack the necessary accessories to prevent any situation.

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Chaoyang Hornet 29x2.20 Tubeless Ready Tyre Black Brown
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Chaoyang Hornet 29x2.20 Tubeless Ready Tyre Black Brown
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