Chiruca is the brand leader in hiking, hunting and mountain footwear in Spain. Their boots have come a long way but not without obstacles.

The history of this brand, which earned them their legendary name, goes back to the First World War, specifically in the town of Tortellá (Gerona), when a textile engineer took advantage of the fuselage of a crashed plane to create the mould for a rugged mountain boot sole, in order to help French people crossing the border in escape from the disasters of the war. This new, highly resistant boot was given the name Chiruca.

In the 1940s, no less than 80% of Spaniards (especially military and peasants) wore Chiruca boots.

In 1987, Calzados Fal, a company located in Arnedo (La Rioja), acquired the Chiruca brand bringing it back to its highest position, where it still remains today.

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Opinions featured in Chiruca

Chiruca Cares Force GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Green Black
High quality
High quality
John, the 16 August 2019
Chiruca Cares Boa GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Brown
Good quality
Product met my requirements
Philip, the 5 August 2019
Chiruca Tasmania GORE-TEX shoes gray white
really great shoe, but runs small
I've tried every hiking shoe, Merrills, Keen, Vasque, Asolo, RedWing, Forsake, Salamon. The problem is I can feel rock pushing through the sole around the balls of my feet. When I'm hiking with a pack and going down hill my feet kill me because I can feel those rocks pressing into the bottom of my feet. I finally found a shoe that worked but it was only made in a high top. So I did an image search for a dual density polyurethane sole. Chiruca Tasmania has it. There was a great sounding Youtube review on the shoe doing the Continent Divide Trail, but its in Polish, I think, so there's that. Today I got the Chiruca Tasmania shoe. It passes my rock test. But the shoe is made small. Gotta return it and get a larger size. But I'm excited to find a light weight low hiking shoe with a top notch sole. Cheers, John
John, the 15 May 2019
Chiruca Cares Boa GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Brown
Very good quality and value
Has met my expectations and am very happy with my boots
ROSS, the 6 May 2019
Chiruca Barbet GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Camouflage
Very comfortable
The shoe feels good on the foot and it is water proof, the sole has good grip. a shoe i can definitely recommend
Andre, the 8 April 2019
Chiruca Sabana Hiking Boots Green
Perfect hot weather boots
This is a perfect boot for the kind of warm weather hunting I often do. No manufacturer has anything quite like this boot.
Marcus, the 12 March 2019
Chiruca Yucatán Pro GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes Brown Orange
I give them 5* but this is on credit for previous model
They are Gore-Tex, really tough stuff! I had my previous Chiruca boots of the similar type and they lasted me years nearly without any tears. Normally boots tear where the heel is, but not these ones i had, in guessing it's the Gore-Tex merit. So I'm hoping these new ones will prove as durable and comfortable as their counterparts.
Dawid, the 4 March 2019
Chiruca Yucatán Pro GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes Brown Orange
Chiruca shoes are the best!
I bought them because my previous pair is nearing it's life end but they were so great and lasted me for many years. Gore tex is the way to go, I had never had any holes in the inside of the shoes and this is great. Can't recommend them more. Hopefully this new pair will also be as good as the previous one, they certainly feel like them
Dawid, the 25 February 2019
Chiruca Urales GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Green
Unbeatable quality!
Amazing high quality product
Daina, the 31 January 2019
Chiruca Cares Boa GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Brown
very good quality.!
very good quality.!
Jørgen A., the 17 January 2019
Boots Chiruca Mistral GORE-TEX brown
Really warm and waterproof
Really comfortable, I’ve had a pair before which lasted me approx 6 years worn 4 out of 7 days a week all year round. A great pair of boots.
Lucy, the 17 December 2018
Boots Chiruca Dogo Boa GORE-TEX brown
So easy to use
Product is Fantastic
Richard, the 2 December 2018
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