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Chiruca is the brand leader in hiking, hunting and mountain footwear in Spain. Their boots have come a long way but not without obstacles.

The history of this brand, which earned them their legendary name, goes back to the First World War, specifically in the town of Tortellá (Gerona), when a textile engineer took advantage of the fuselage of a crashed plane to create the mould for a rugged mountain boot sole, in order to help French people crossing the border in escape from the disasters of the war. This new, highly resistant boot was given the name Chiruca.

In the 1940s, no less than 80% of Spaniards (especially military and peasants) wore Chiruca boots.

In 1987, Calzados Fal, a company located in Arnedo (La Rioja), acquired the Chiruca brand bringing it back to its highest position, where it still remains today.

Opinions featured in Chiruca Men Thermolite

Chiruca Trekking Thermolite-Antibacterial long socks black orange
not so good at all
I give them a 4 because chiruca deserves it, but they are old-fashioned socks.
Chiruca Caza Thermolite socks olive green
They fit the foot very well.
Chiruca Trekking Thermolite-Antibacterial long socks black orange
Unbeatable quality.
Very good quality product, like everything from Chiruca.
Chiruca Anti-blister Thermolite long socks black grey
Warm and good fit
They prevent chafing well. It takes time to dry the double fabric part

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