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Cleto Reyes is named after its founder: Cleto Reyes Castro. Reyes was born in Mexico City on April 26, 1920. At first necessity, then the passion for boxing and later the dedication to his work, were factors that drove Don Cleto Reyes Castro to devote his life to boxing. In 1936, while he was in elementary school in front of the Peralvillo Cozumel Arena, his fond love of boxing was born. After his first tournament he decided not to take part again, but he fixed the gloves he used during the fight, thus starting to make gloves. Subsequently he obtained the approval of the Boxing Commission of the Federal District, and in 1945 Cleto Reyes' gloves were used for the first time in a World Championship. It was in 1970 that Alberto Reyes, son of Don Cleto, joined his father's efforts with an entrepreneurial vision, registering the Cleto Reyes brand in 1975 and founding in 1979 what is today Industria Reyes, S.A. de C.V. Currently the products Cleto Reyes have a privileged place in the international market, are exported to the five continents and have the approval of the main boxing organisations. Among its most notable awards is the National Export Award in 1994.

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