Clif Bar


Clif Bar is the number 1 brand of sports nutrition in the United States and the healthiest supplementation of the moment. It was born in 1990 after its founder, Gary, realized after many bike trips that everything on the market was sugar and more sugar, with low nutritional value and little flavor. Thus it was impossible to perform well and respect the body as an athlete. After two years of testing, they found the key and launched the first organic sports bar in the country: crunchy, based on organic oatmeal and very rich, composed entirely of ingredients from organic farming (between 70 and 95% ).

25 years later, the evolution of the company has been unstoppable and Clif Bar Clif Bar is in more than 15 countries, maintaining all its flavor and homemade texture and its philosophy of offering healthy and good products that are well assimilated and do not cause problems Stomach during exercise. Is all your supplementation? made with care and without haste, and this is evident in each of the grams that make up its entire range.

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