Since its inception, more than 50 years ago, CMP has been dedicated to the manufacture of clothing and footwear for outdoor activities. The brand is characterised by its manufacturing tradition, research and technological innovation.

CMP manufactures a wide range of products designed for all types of climates and activities, so that they can be used both in high performance exercises and in the day to day in the city.

One of CMP’s values is respecting the environment during the manufacturing process of its products. From the first stage of production to the time of sale, CMP avoids the use of materials and dyes that are harmful both to the environment and the health of workers and future customers. Some products, for example, have the Oeko Tex certification, which guarantees that the company respects the environment during the production process.

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CMP Fix Hood Knitted Sweater Printed Green Women
looks good
Not as high quality as I thoght

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