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Do you want to know more about urban bicycles?

The bicycle is the personal means of transport preferred by many people in cities. More than 800 million bicycles are used daily in the world, most of them are domestic bicycles and ride bicycles , generically called urban bicycles or City-bike. They are dedicated to all kinds of everyday uses, especially when it comes to traveling many short distances, since you can travel four times faster than on foot.

They stand out for their great comfort, with ergonomic seat and handlebar, integrated transmission systems in the hub itself, or a single change, mudguards, in addition to having generally one or more baskets or luggage racks for transporting objects. It is also common to have urban accessories such as bell, padlock, lights and reflectors.

In some of the main European cities, vintage or retro bicycles are also very fashionable, as an archetype of design, although with modern and lightweight components.

Another model that is found in large cities are folding bicycles , whose sympathetic and compact designs optimize their use by combining it with public transport.

The fixie is another of the phenomena of recent urban cycling, it is about bicycles with a single pinion, fixed and solidary to the wheel, that is to say, it lacks free pinion and, therefore, of neutral. Its pedals and chain are, therefore, always in motion while the rear wheel turns. This particularity allows to reach a lot of speed in a few meters. The lightness, simplicity, low maintenance and style of the fixies has turned them into real queens of modern cities.

Another indispensable element for both urban transport and bicycle touring is the hybrid or trekking bike . It is a comfortable and versatile bicycle model, which can be used both as a means of transport by city, as a vehicle for excursions on rural roads. Its relaxed geometry and its embossed tires make it possible to comfortably circulate around town or forest tracks. The most sophisticated, also incorporate mechanical components such as front suspensions of low travel, for greater shock absorption and comfort.

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